I love a good story. Let me help tell yours.

For the last 15 years, I’ve traveled the world capturing extraordinary moments in my clients’ lives. Whether your story takes you to an exotic destination or simply around the corner, I’ll work with you to understand your vision and deliver images that hit the mark. Every wedding, every couple, and every family has a unique story. I’ll help tell yours through compelling, authentic photos.

When I am not behind the camera, you’ll find me in the mountains or in the ocean. I split my time between San Clemente, California, Park City, Utah, and Telluride and Aspen, Colorado. I’m grateful to be a part of clients’ destination weddings, participate in humanitarian projects, and spend time in nature as part of my career.

Each year, I donate a portion of my time and income to collaborations with global non-profits. This work has taken me to places ranging from Nepal and Sri Lanka to Greece and New Orleans. The resulting photographs raise social awareness of humanitarian crises, help monitor situations on the ground, and tell the critically important human stories behind the headlines.


A truly spectacular job! Mike's skill as an artist is undeniable and to have him there was a delight.  He had a smile on his face from beginning to end. Mike's skill as a photographer is incredible. Whenever my wife and I share our wedding album someone is always sure to demand to know who photographed it. Pure skill aside, Mike, was absolutely respectful and courteous to everyone.   Mike had a natural authority that was cheerful, firm, and very respectful. I would highly recommend Mike.


Best pictures of the best day! Our entire family loved working with Mike and he made everyone feel comfortable and like they made a new friend that night. Mike's keen eye for lighting and spontaneous jumping through the bushes to capture the perfect look on someone's face, and adding in his professional love for photography. I recommend him whole-heartedly for your wedding. Truly professional and I must say patient with some of my bridezilla antics!