Family Portraits… Whiskey, Cookies, and a lot of laughing

If your family gathering is in the mountains or you are celebrating at the beach, the memories are of such importance. Not only will I creatively document this season of life you are in with those you love, but will always create an atmosphere of laughter and love… and if it takes whiskey or cookies to make this happen I am in it with you.

“It’s a nice day for a white wedding,” Billy Idol

A Telluride Winter Wedding ….Billy Idol’s, “White Wedding,” has been stuck in my head as I am editing these images. the main line, “It’s a fun theme for this intimate wedding celebration at the Alpino Vino in Telluride, Colorado. Andrea and John’s wedding integrated world-class landscapes, a stylish wedding party, and the classy planning of Amy Palamar, owner of Polished Fun Event Planning.I really enjoyed documenting Andrea and John’s laugher, tears, and family memories. It was unforgettable taking the snow cat to the top of the mountain to see a magnificent view of Telluride. The professional and knowledgeable staff at the Alpino Vino will be well remembered, as the sun set and the party enjoyed their five cuisine and world famous wines. The snow swirled and danced in the wind as the blue horizon faded into black outside the chalet. The warm guests ate at the fireside, while celebrating the love that Andrea and John had found in each other.

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Havana, Cuba! Engagement Session

My lovely client Ashley and I where talking on the phone about her wedding and our conversation moved towards our mutual passion for travel. Her awesome fiancé Brian was taking her to Cuba to explore and enjoy the culture and I echoed my mutual aspiration to visit the country. I suggested we do her engagement session there instead of Colorado and she lit up at the idea.  We created some colorful, playful, and romantic images while wondering the streets of old Havana. We cruised through the sunset on the sea side streets of the Malecon in a teal, 55 Chevey Bel-Air and enjoyed a new friendship eating among the old Spanish architecture. The backdrop was charming, the mojitos where festive, and the city welcomed us like an old friend with her rhythmic rumbas. Enjoy the eye candy!  Destination engagement sessions are the best way to develop a meaningful relationship!

2016 in review

2016 in review

Road tripping in the mountains of Jamaica and Colorado

Helping Syrian Refugees in the Greek Islands

International and local weddings

Back country camping and night photography

Sri Lankan, Mexican and California surf adventures

Re marketing and branding my wedding photography business


2017 has wonderful vision and goals! I am close to becoming location independent, have wonderful business mentors, a long list of places to adventure to, on call with humanitarian groups and booking amazing weddings in exotic places with inspiring clients. Enjoy a few photographs from 2016.64282926-img_1758 dsc09830 dscf0977 img_0136 img_0235 img_0247 img_0469-pano img_0577 img_0648 img_0728 img_0821 img_0949 img_1011 img_4958 img_7672 img_9298 img_9699 uo3a2923 uo3a3101 uo3a4751-pano uo3a5948

Colorado and Sri Lanka, Shoulder Season

After shooing over forty weddings in 2016 it was time to for the fall victory lap around the globe to Sri Lanka and then to Colorado. I created some beautiful night photographs, connected with dear friends, marketed my wedding photography services, surfed, and mountain biked Aspen, Telluride and Sedona. Adventure and travel helps inspire creativity in my wedding photography. I am so excited about the 2017 wedding season. Im looking forward to some epic Colorado weddings in 2017, with some amazing coordinators. Enjoy the eye candy! img_0469-panoimg_7426img_0247img_7469img_0657-hdrfullsizerender_1img_0577


img_9548 img_4958

Family Portraits = Global Humanitarian Missions

Every year I have the opportunity to go on important missions with disaster first responders, doctors and amazing people. I am on call with a few organizations and help by raising awareness for their organizations as a photojournalist. I am also a wilderness first responder and have a lot of logistical disaster response experience to help with medical and rescue teams when Im not photographing. I fund these projects though the fees that you pay for your family portraits every year and friends donations. I pledge to donate up to $5000 of family portrait profits each year to these efforts. I currently am on call with Below are some favorite images from a few teams I have been apart of since I began volunteering. To each family who I have had the joy of getting to know, thanks for being apart of this with me and to all new families who join me, welcome to making a difference together.

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Flower Power, the photos

I have been going through previous clients weddings selecting images to use for my new website that I am excited to be publishing this summer. I figured that I could to a few blogs on details and this post is all about the flowers. Its amazing what a great florist can do on your wedding day. Here are a few examples of flower arrangements for you to consume as you consider what your style will be.

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Helping Syrian Refugee’s cross the Mediterranean sea

Helping Syrian Refugee’s cross the Mediterranean sea

I received a call from my friend Dr. Courtney inviting me to apply to join a team of Greek and American lifeguards on the Greek island of Lesbos. We where selected as team members to help safeguard dangerous sea passage between Turkey and Greece. 9 MILLION SYRIAN REFUGEES have been displaced in what is now the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Dangerous sea crossing has resulted in countless drowning’s and deaths. Last year some 3,500 people died or were reported missing in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Ya Mon, destination Jamaica Wedding

While our team from team and I where doing disaster first response aid in Nepal last April, I met father of the bride Trevor Ironside. Months later he called to hire me to photograph his lovely daughters wedding in Jamaica. We had a blast creating these amazing images and getting to know all their friends. I dig that both Kristin and Adrian where ready to go parasailing too, made for some fantastic memories! To see more photos from this wedding check out the link below.

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