“An stunning couple in an iconic place”

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of partnering with the Tenya lodge on projects and clients. I was introduced to Sara by a referral from Tenaya Lodge, the finest resort in close proximity to Yosemite National Park. Sara, the featured bride, wanted to get married in the little chapel in the Yosemite valley where her parents had gotten married in the 1970’s. The Yosemite Valley Chapel is frozen in time with its nostalgic and quaint architecture. The real gems are the towering granite walls that cause most to feel adoration and worship.

A cop and a nurse, what a perfect fit! Justin our featured groom, daily gives his energy to creating a safer world for all of us as a police officer in the Santa Barbara area. It was obvious he adores Sara, who was bubbling with joy. Sara also works for our common good in the health care industry as a nurse. I’m so grateful for what these amazing citizens daily do and how hard they work to make our world healthy and just.

Their wedding occurred on Veteran’s Day weekend and Yosemite was packed with nature loving people. Since I have spent a lifetime visiting Yosemite I was able to avoid the tourist paths and show this lovely couple my favorite nooks in the valley where we created their wedding images. Turns out that this was Sara’s first time visiting the valley and she now has created a new special place in her heart with Justin to make pilgrimages back to over the many years to come. They chose to have their dinner at, The Majestic Hotel because of its history, nostalgia and renown reputation for being an amazing place to celebrate.

If you want to explore getting married in Yosemite I would suggest the following vendors in no particular order.





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