As a Yosemite wedding photographer, I get inquires to do some really exciting wedding adventures because Yosemite draws the coolest couples. The waterfalls and cliffs in Yosemite National Park as drenched with adventures to be had. There is a rich history of folks pushing the limits of what is possible in this valley. From the Native Americans, John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt and dirt bag climbers Yosemite has called out art and adventure in many.


Matt and Sheri called me to inquire if I would document their Yosemite elopement that they dreamed up. Matt informed me that he and Sheri wanted to have a wedding ceremony on top of Half Dome, but before tourist season. This meant that we would have to hike eighteen miles and four of those in snow with wedding and photography gear in our packs. If fatigue was not enough, we then had exposure by pulling ourselves up the cables that had not yet been set up for the season. This required us setting up some special climbing knots and putting on harnesses for security. The views of the valley and the experience of being in such a special place with no one else around was unforgettable.

I have never been so sore after photographing a Yosemite Wedding, but as a Yosemite wedding photographer it doesn’t get any better. In the spirit of those who have felt the call to Yosemite, we found an adventure while celebrating they joy they find in each other. Our lovely national parks will be opening in the near future and you too can create an unforgettable day and images with me in 2020. Make sure you hire a Yosemite wedding photographer that is right for you.

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