“What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.”
― Walt Whitman

I have the coolest clients and I enjoy our adventures creating their treasured images together.

I worked for a large wedding photography company in San Diego from 2013-2016. I photographed 100s of couples I could hardly remember their names the next day, because I had two to three weddings a weekend. I am grateful for the skills I obtained during these years, but so happy to slow the pace down and truly connect with my wedding clients and coordinators. By photographing a limited amount of quality weddings each year I am able to really connect and live out my intentions. I remember all your names now, we often become friends, travel to exotic locations, bask in stunning landscapes and even get out on the trails and seas together. No one wants to be a number, we all crave connection and this is what I am crafting in my wedding photography business. Our high paced world comes to us a heavy price tag to soul. Craft and individual connection gets traded for glam, trends and efficiency. May your work you invest yourself in be, Soul-full and life giving! This is my hope for my clients and industry professionals I get to collaborate with. I hope you enjoy the photography.

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