Wilderness First Responder


So happy to accomplish my goal to become confidant in helping others and got certified as a Wilderness First Responder! 10 days, 10 hours a day… being back in class again was a real challenge, but stoked to use it in volunteering as a disaster first responder.

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San Clemente Underwater Portraits


I had so much fun creating these unique portraits with these families this morning at waterbabies swim school. I’m really enjoying using flash under water and my new aquatec water-housing.

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Coronado Engagement Photography, with David and Miki

A little rain did not stop these two sweet hearts. We where ready to capture what the day gave us and we came up with such special photos. Most days that people are afraid to shoot turn out the very best images, due to the dramatic nature of the weather. We where rewarded with the sun after the rain and a beer and laughs to close out the evening.

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Professional Wedding Photography



In 2013 and 2014 I have had the amazing privilege of being mentored by Aaron Fleildman and his amazing staff at True Photography. I have grown so much as a wedding photographer working 1099 with this amazing company. Under Aaron’s guidance I was able to achieve a new level of excellence with my wedding work and would like to share the portfolio I have created with True Photography over the past two years. Please copy and past the link below to see my portfolio with True Photography and enjoy!


Underwater Portraits

I recently purchased about $8,000 in new photo gear to improve my underwater photography portrait sessions. I’m excited to create stunning imagery that will forever be apart of your family history! Your underwater portrait will be one of kind imagery, this opportunity is rare, it requires a very specialized skill set, and your session will be priced at a great value. I will see you in the water!

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Anna and Andrew Engagement Photos

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Andrew and Anna’s engagement session was so much fun, and full of beautiful locations in Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, CA. Their love is evident and there sense for adventure and love of the outdoors really shows through in these photos. They met volunteering and Andrew invited Anna for a surf and we did this shoot in memory of their falling in love and first date. I’m so happy to have such a fun couple as clients. Afterwards we went to the Riders Club in San Clemente and had great beer, burgers and beer to cap of an already fantastic evening. I’m looking forward to there wedding on July 4th, 2015!

A Baja New Year

In recent years I have been pleasantly surprised by the nurturing I have received in various desert landscapes. I’m naturally draw to water and large trees, but where the desert meets the sea, there is much to draw inspiration from. I was blessed welcome the New Year in surrounded by friends, love and nature.

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2014 Night Reflections Show: at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, Normal Heights, San Diego, CA

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These photos will be on display by the second week of January at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, Normal Heights, SD… for your viewing pleasure. Its been such a joy to be present at each place I took these photos. I hope they open your heart to awe, wonder and beauty. I believe that these spaces can transcend our status quo states of consciousness and raise our awareness. We are not alone in the universe, we live in an enchanted and mystical space. Open your spirit to childlike wonder and your heart to beauty with me.