Evening Water Photography in Tahoe

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I lived in South Lake Tahoe 1996-2003. My family still lives there and I am so blessed to return home often to enjoy nature, family and a familiar vibe that is apart of my soul. I put on a pair of fishing waders and wondered a half mile out into the lake during a crisp thanksgiving twilight. Wait deep in fridged, clear water I approached this couple on their romantic paddle. I was able to not only capture a fun over/under landscape, but was able to document an authentic moment of magic between two lovers in this majestic scape. I think we each can see a bit of our selves if we project our imagination into the powerful photo. The shot of Emerald Bay is one of my favorite night landscapes to date!

Adventurous Pool Family Portraits

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I had the opportunity to do underwater portraits with the Mudd family last year. They invited me to their pool this year to get a family photo of them taking the plunge into their new pool. What a blast we had and to boot we where able to get great shots. I will be at waterbabbies in San Clemente Saturday 11/21/14 between 2-4 and have a few spots left if your interested.

Wonderful Business Portraits, Head Shots


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I had the opportunity to photograph Erin a friend of mine who recently achieved opening up her own business in the swanky, Newport Beach, CA. She wanted new portraits to celebrate a new phase in her business. We where able to get these beautiful images of her just walking around the block where she runs her skin care company. I laughed with her as I told her that  the anxiety people feel before a portrait shoot often drives them to drinking. I think some people are as afraid of getting there pictures taken as I am of the dentist! Well, she said she does not photograph well and I beg to differ, she looks wonderful and confidant in these pictures and I celebrate her dream becoming reality

Holiday Family Portraits and Head-Shot Portraits

_MG_7287  UO3A1096 UO3A4619 UO3A8723 UO3A9460_MG_5234 _MG_7243 _MG_7185 _MG_5699 _MG_5363 _MG_9566 The above portraits above are full of such lovely souls. I have richly enjoyed each of you over the years! If you need a fresh holiday family portrait, a new head shot for business, or any portraits feel free to contact me before my schedule fills up. Cheers!

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An Estate Wedding In Wine Country

I was the photojournalist for a group of medical volunteers last year in the Philippines after in response to a massive typhoon. Each person touched my heart in profound ways that where apart of this group. Mike Noone was one such individual and he processed with me his desire to get married while working together. When he got home from his noble time of service he asked his lovely girlfriend, Jackie to marry him and she said yes. Enjoy the photography and if you’re lucky to know them, enjoy the people when you are with them.

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Yosemite and Mammoth in Fall






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So when packing for your camping trip, be careful not to over pack the “rocket box,” on top or it may fly open at 80mph. Thankfully, I only lost an old stove and a thrift store raft, the rest had not taken flight. I did however have to run back on the 41 hwy with my head lamp in the dark looking for various items. It was kind of like frogger on Atari, but for real. Enjoyed playing with my new 8″ dome port in the Merced River, the animals, rainbows, stars and all that makes my soul feel alive.

They Will Surf Again, Saturday July 13th, 2014, Put on By Life Rolls On


The organization the organization Life Rolls on has refined its mission to a single purpose:

to improve the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. LRO proudly provides adaptive action sports programs; foster spinal cord injury awareness; and offers outreach to individuals and their families at the onset of injury. I so enjoy volunteering at such amazing events. They bring the best out in so many people as they come together to help others. Most of life people are selfish, myself included, but on days like this a beautiful ray of hope says otherwise! Enjoy the photos

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Waves of Disaster

On Thursday evening, November 8th 2013, typhoon warnings could be heard across the Philippine islands. When this “Supper Storm” hit, the unanticipated happened, the sea surged with great force and within a moment, miles of coast line where destroyed leaving thousands of people dead. Many people where left adrift, alone as they where battered by passing rivers of debris as the floodwaters receded. They were left clinging to their uncertain lives, while wondering if this was the end of their world. Survivors had to tramp bare foot, while crossing rivers and mountains of sharp debris to get to shelter in order to find their loved ones dead or alive. Surviving Typhoon Hiayana, was an epic struggle for Philippinos. One island, overwhelming fatalities, while another islands sustained little damage. Nature is as it should be and yet its not, this is the tension we live, work, and breathe.

Two American friends, Cody Carothers and Mike Morse both came onto this scene about two and a half weeks after the catastrophe. Both are old surfing friends who met in Maui around fifteen years ago at a non profit surfing organization. Individually Cody and Mike always jump at the opportunity to help in disaster situations internationally through assisting medical teams, rebuilding homes, raising money and awareness. Together they had the opportunity to respond to the Sri Lanka Tsunami relief effort in 2005. When Mike first heard about Typhoon Hayania, he immediately reached out to some non-profits knowing creative photojournalism could be of use, while his second email was to his good friend Cody who now lives in Sri Lanka. Cody was already under way with his own plans to help his Philippino friends who lived in the path of the Typhoon. Cody rebuilt demolished homes on the south of Leyte Island and Mike worked with an international team of doctors and nurses in the north of Leyte. While in Tacloban Mike took photos that help NGO’s raise social awareness and funds. Well, just one island away from the two surfing volunteers was Sirago and it has an internationally known surfing wave called, “Cloud Nine.” So you can guess where they went to debrief and talk about all they had seen and done. So whenever a natural disaster strikes these old friends are committed to doing what they can, to show up and make a difference. If there is a wave close by you can bet they will always go there to celebrate all that can be done in such a horrific and beautiful world.