An Estate Wedding In Wine Country

I was the photojournalist for a group of medical volunteers last year in the Philippines after in response to a massive typhoon. Each person touched my heart in profound ways that where apart of this group. Mike Noone was one such individual and he processed with me his desire to […]

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Yosemite and Mammoth in Fall

So when packing for your camping trip, be careful not to over pack the “rocket box,” on top or it may fly open at 80mph. Thankfully, I only lost an old stove and a thrift store raft, the rest had not taken flight. I did however have to run back […]

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Waves of Disaster

On Thursday evening, November 8th 2013, typhoon warnings could be heard across the Philippine islands. When this “Supper Storm” hit, the unanticipated happened, the sea surged with great force and within a moment, miles of coast line where destroyed leaving thousands of people dead. Many people where left adrift, alone […]

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