Telluride Wedding Photographer

As a Telluride wedding photographer I get to photograph some beautiful wedding ceremonies in epic landscapes. Weather I am photographing as a Telluride Elopement photographer or a Telluride wedding photographer I scout the same. I scout my primary vistas, but have back ups if the weather shuts the vistas view out. In the case of Sabrina and Patrick it snowed the entire day of their new years wedding celebration. Fortunately I had a plan for this contingency and was able to create these images. So make sure that who ever that your Telluride wedding photographer knows how to handle all weather and lighting situations that the alpine environment may through at you on your Elopement or wedding ceremony in Telluride, CO. 

Mammoth Wedding Photographer

Mammoth Wedding Photographer

Mammoth has been like a second home to us without the actual home. However, van life makes it easy for us to hit the road and journey north as a Mammoth wedding photographer or simply to enjoy some outdoor adventuring. We enjoy visiting the area throughout the year, as every season brings something amazing. In winter, for example, we love to camp at the hot springs in the high desert, and our favorite campground is at Convict Lake. We fell in love with Mammoth long ago and built a photography business on that love. Read More

Crested Butte Wedding Photographer

Crested Butte Wedding Photographer ——————–

Connecting with my clients as a Crested Butte wedding photographer is an amazing experience. Typically, we have not had an opportunity to meet in person so we grab a drink together in the charming historic downtown or perhaps at the resort. Occasionally, we’ll even slide snow or roll the mountain.Read More


I get paid to notice the details as a professional wedding photographer. Kids can be my nemeses during family portrait sessions; they can stop a ceremony, and destroy details and events on a wedding. They also make the dance floor a riot, express emotions honestly that all the adults hide Read More

Yosemite Wedding Photographer at Tenaya Lodge and National Park Adventure Photography

Hiking to iconic Yosemite vistas in wedding attire, picnic and wine under the stars, and a premier resort ceremony at the gates of Yosemite National Park! What adventurous clients I have and creating your forever wedding photography in Yosemite National Park is absolutely amazing. Billy spent the past years as a AAA umpire, Jolly was a hard core competitive runner and they traveled the country supporting each others dreams. They love Yosemite and knew the best way to introduce this sacred space to their family and friends was to get married there and get them all to experience this very special national park. We laughed, hiked, cried and created images for them and there family to celebrate for a life time.