I am pleased to say that for 2020 I have so many alpine weddings on the calendar that I am so excited about. I specialize as a Yosemite elopement photographer and as a Telluride elopement photographer. Since March I have been receiving multiple emails a day from my couples who are nervous about how and if their full weddings will happen due to the Corona virus. Being that I am an experienced Colorado elopement photographer, it puts me in a unique opportunity to help my wedding clients to keep their wedding date if they choose to elope. I daily assure my clients that if we remain flexible, we will create amazing experiences and images on their planned wedding date or the day that they may reschedule for. Some of my clients are choosing to move their wedding dates and locations to the summer and fall and others are opting to elope on their planned date and throw a wedding party when this pandemic passes. Either way, I am excited to help my Yosemite and Telluride wedding clients choose a course of action that best suits them.


If you have had to cancel your wedding due to social distancing or shelter in place orders, and are considering an epic elopement instead I would love to help you. I have been an outdoor enthusiast my whole life. I have twenty years of experience in photographing elopements and would enjoy being your elopement photographer. I have so many great ideas and suggestions for locations if you choose to reach out and explore if this could be a great fit for you and your partner. Be safe during these uncertain times, but don’t let fear paralyze you from dreaming about your wedding or elopement. This too will pass and nature will be there to celebrate and comfort us.

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