Maya Angelou once wrote, “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” As an LGBT wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of capturing the union of many amazing couples, but an LGBT wedding is something truly special – a celebration of love and the fortitude of the human spirit.


And, while love might jump hurdles, as an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, many of my couples also jump a few hurdles during our photography sessions. If you and your partner crave something off-the-beaten-path for your LGBT wedding or elopement for your big day, I can provide you with photography (and a unique experience) that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Marriage equality is a precious thing for which LGBTQ couples have fought tirelessly, and I think that’s cause for a truly unique wedding day. As an adventure wedding photographer, my goal is not just to snap pictures, but to tell a story that, yes, love is love, but that each couple has their own character and spirit.


Destination Possibilities

Each wedding experience I curate is unique, and whether you opt for a full wedding and wedding reception with many guests, a small intimate wedding or an elopement, I can help you select a location that speaks to your soul. Through the years, I’ve captured same-sex weddings in stunning locales such as the mountains of Colorado, the shores and mountains of California and British Columbia and, of course, the magical Hawaiian Islands.


Romance In The Rockies (and Beyond)

The Rocky and San Juan mountain ranges provide endless possibilities for adventure wedding photography and adventure elopement photography. I am an experienced Crested Butte wedding photographer and Telluride wedding photographer, as well as experienced shooting weddings and elopements in Aspen and Beaver Creek.


I am also one of the few wedding photographers on the approved wedding vendor list for the picturesque town of Dunton Hot Springs, which is an incredible spot for a wedding ceremony or an elopement. I also know a few special spots, off-the-beaten-path, where we can hike or mountain bike out to for your adventure photography session.


The Bounty Of California

In terms of scenic spots, California offers something for every couple. From spectacular coastlines to redwood forests to soaring mountains and starkly beautiful deserts, few states boast the diversity of scenery that California affords.


As a seasoned Yosemite wedding photographer and Lake Tahoe wedding photographer, I’ve spent many years in this part of California and have discovered some amazing hidden spots ideal for an adventurous elopement. If the mountains of California beckon, I will plan an amazing photography experience for you and your beloved.


Alaska – The Final Frontier

If marriage is a leap into the final frontier, why not tie the knot in the rugged lands of Alaska? Let’s grab a kayak and head out into a fjord or hike through Denali to find the perfect spot for your wedding photos. I’m game to capture a wedding on a glacier or book a float plane to find that perfect hidden spot for your wedding photography.


Of course, Alaska also offers plenty of options for couples that wish to host a wedding and traditional reception, and many offer stunning scenery as the backdrop. Whether you plan to elope in Alaska or host a wedding, I can suggest locations that fulfill all of your wishes.


The Hawaiian Paradise

Hawai’i has long been a haven of love and inclusivity, and this state was the first to challenge bans on same-sex marriage. Not only has Hawai’i long been accepting of gay weddings, but there’s also denying that these islands offer couples some of the most picturesque spots on the planet for wedding and elopement photography.


I’ve spent months exploring these islands, and some of my favorite spots exist on the magical island of Kaua’i. The north shore, especially the area around Hanalei Bay, is an idyllic spot for Kaua’i wedding and elopement photography.


Beautiful British Columbia

Tofino is a relatively new love of mine. I recently spent weeks exploring the wilds of British Columbia, and this village offers some of the Pacific Northwest’s most inspiring and beautiful scenery. Situated on Tla-o-qui-aht land, you’ll encounter old-growth forests and rugged coastlines that provide an almost spiritual experience for travelers.


Many visitors to British Columba spend the bulk of their time exploring Victoria and Vancouver, and while these cities certainly have their charms, there’s just so much more to this province, and we can trek into the rainforest, enjoy the wild ocean waves or even head up into the mountains by Whistler or explore Garibaldi Provincial Park to find the ideal spot for your wedding or elopement photography, although I highly recommend the scenery of Vancouver Island.



Let’s Plan Your Adventure!

If you are searching for an experienced LBGT wedding photographer and you also crave a unique photography experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time. I love to capture the joy of adventurous hearts in wild places and look forward to helping you plan a fantastic experience that serves as the perfect jumping-off point for your new lives together.

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