Stories I would be happy to tell you:

A. 7.1 Earthquake in Thakani during medical clinic

B. Remesh and his family

C. Friendship with Bala

D. Night Earthquakes

G. Dogs and Searching for buried earthquake victims

Projects funded by generous donors of this trip:

1. Medical Clinics and Food Distrabution (the hardest hit regions of Nepal)
District of Sindhupalchok, cities: Kothe, Thokarpa, Palchowk, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Thakani, and Melamchi. I assisted a team of doctors logistically, practically and photographically throughout the region of Sindhupalchok. This region of Nepal suffered great losses of life and recourses during the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. I personally shared responsibility for locating food to give away, planning and scouting locations associated with food distribution.

2.Dontated money to start rebuld of village home church in Kalika, ward before the monsoon rains arrived for tools, supplies, transport, and food.

3. Gave money to help a new Nepali friend’s family rebuild their crushed home in rual viallage.
4. Donated money and maps to Global Karuna. Our team worked with this amazing group. I believe are doing an amazing job in the disaster relief effort.
5. Helped a close Nepali friend replace miscellaneous household items that where smashed in earthquake.
I am inspired by your giving so I could go help people of Nepal, Thank you! I plan to complete an EMT course asap and will be saving money to respond to future disasters. Thanks for trusting me, joining me and believing together we can be the people of compassion we where created to be. Lets do this again when the need calls for it.
Mike Morse

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