I just feel so blessed to get to spend so much time photographing couples in Telluride, CO. Being a Telluride Wedding Photographer is such a joy. Nisha and Scott where so low key and drama free…really lucky to get to work with such cool clients. Nisha’s dress did not show up for her wedding, so she wore another one. The wildfires smoke from Durango filled the valley right before the ceremony and the winds picked up, and they couldn’t have been more chill or happy. The just had a blast with their friends and family and let the details go. Scott fired Nisha from their work where he was the boss and he called her up to ask her out the next week! What a great and funny way to get going as a couple Nisha is the free spirit and Scott is Nisha’s rock. The now share a beautifully bended family and are just an amazing couple.

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