Telluride Wedding Photographer

Telluride weddings have the best vistas in all Colorado. The only Crested Butte can start to compete with a Telluride wedding. My clients have such epic adventures in the San Juan Mountains. One of my favorite images of the year came from this wedding. Their where people crossing the street sporadically when I was in the historic down town capturing Sabrina and Patrick’s adventure portrait session. As a Telluride Wedding photographer, I get to document reality, but I also play my hand at crafting how the events unfold. I ran across the ice as snow dumped on the streets and asked the people walking by to wait a few seconds before crossing the street. I asked them to cross together and to cheer for my clients while they kissed. Now crafting these experiences can be tricky as it can feel cheeky and fake or it can really enhance the wedding photography session. People had been cheering and crossing the street, but I just needed to organized how it happened. When I took the image it felt real for my clients and the people who participated. I had organized the aesthetics of what was already unfolding in a way the was authentic. Being a Telluride wedding photographer is about bringing together authentic experiences and superior images. I am borrowing from my twenty years of experience as an adventure wedding and elopement photographer and I know my clients are so pleased with the results. I love being a Telluride Wedding Photographer.

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