Why choose an adventure for your wedding? Because, it is an exhilarating decision that can infuse your special day with a sense of spontaneity, excitement, and lasting memories. Here are some reasons and thoughts for your consideration.

An Unforgettable Experience: An adventurous wedding promises an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the traditional ceremony. The adventure becomes an integral part of the story you'll tell for a lifetime.

Symbolism of Unity: Embarking on an adventure together on your wedding day symbolizes the journey you're beginning as a married couple. It reflects the spirit of exploration, teamwork, and shared experiences that will characterize your life together. The challenges and triumphs of the adventure serve as powerful metaphors for your marriage.

Unique and Personalized: Adventurous weddings allow for unparalleled personalization. You have the freedom to choose a location that holds personal significance, making the celebration uniquely yours. Whether it's a favorite hiking trail, a secluded forest, or a destination with sentimental value, the setting becomes an integral part of your love story.

Stunning Backdrops for Photography: The breathtaking landscapes and unique settings of adventurous weddings provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. From panoramic mountain views to sunset-lit Hawaiian Islands, the natural beauty of the surroundings enhances the visual storytelling of your wedding day, creating truly extraordinary images.

Intimate and Meaningful Moments: Adventure weddings often lend themselves to more intimate and meaningful moments. Lets focus on the connections and emotions that truly matter. This intimacy allows for a deeper, more personal experience that goes beyond the formalities of a traditional wedding.

Connection with Nature: Choosing an adventure on your wedding day allows you to connect with nature in a profound way. Whether it's a cold powder day or the summer sun, the natural elements become a sensory backdrop to your vows, creating a unique and authentic atmosphere.

Reduced Stress and Formalities: Adventure weddings often come with a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The reduced emphasis on formalities and the freedom to design your day as you wish can contribute to a more stress-free and enjoyable celebration, allowing you to focus on the joy of the moment.

As an adventure wedding photographer, I focus on crafting authentic portraits. Some of my favorite adventure portrait sessions finish with us laughing over a cold beer and waiting for an opportunity to capture just one last photograph under the stars. If this sounds fun and you like the reasons for adventure listed, then I could be an excellent photographer for your adventurous wedding day.

It’s your dream come true – your destination wedding day. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what you imagined wedding photography could be. I bring 20 years of exploration and photography experience to the table and know how to craft an experience that will exceed your expectations. 

As a professional wedding photographer, I believe it’s my job to help capture the essence of each couple’s spirit and this is an art that is always evolving and is a grand adventure in itself.

While I showcase meaningful images on my website that spark my own passion, I understand that there are many other components that must be documented as a wedding photographer. After capturing more than 500 weddings, I have mastery of all the expectations you have as well as some you didn’t even realize you had. 

I know how to move through a shot list without using it, how to capture your details creatively, and I have different strategies for different segments of the event. If you would like to see examples of a full wedding I have shot, please feel free to ask and I can share a link. I would like to share a wedding that is relevant to yours so that you can envision what you should expect to receive when you hire me to be your wedding photographer. 

While I have completed hundreds of traditional weddings, it’s the destination events that truly spark my passion. Two of my favorite spots for a destination wedding are Yosemite and Telluride, which truly provide some of the most magical and romantic backdrops on earth.

Telluride Weddings – Every time I return to the mountains surrounding Telluride, I am surprised by something new – an amazing sunrise, the flicking of light as it dances across a mountain stream, or just the movement of clouds casting shadows on the mountain peaks. 

It’s a fantastic venue for a destination wedding. A picture-perfect historic mountain town that looks amazing every season of the year. As a Telluride wedding photographer, I have spent extensive time exploring Telluride and the surrounding San Juan Mountains and am not only familiar with the dramatic landscapes, but also the many outstanding wedding venues. I am grateful to be on many of the Telluride-area vendor lists and happy that they trust me as a preferred vendor. 

Yosemite Weddings – I grew up in the Sierras, and any time I have the opportunity to shoot a Yosemite wedding, it’s like coming home. Whether you choose to hold your ceremony and reception inside the park or somewhere outside the park, I am a Yosemite wedding photographer with the experience necessary to capture exceptional images of your ceremony and reception in addition to the landscape portraits we will create. 

As a Yosemite wedding photographer, I fully understand the challenges of capturing amazing images in a park that is often full of other tourists there to enjoy this natural wonder. I’ve spent years exploring Yosemite, and for your landscape portraits, I can find some secret spots and unique vistas that you likely would never find on your own.

Additional Destinations

While I love the Sierras and the San Juan’s, the world is full of promising wedding destinations and I have been grateful to capture timeless images for couples at various spots around the globe. 

Whether you love the slopes of Mammoth or Tahoe or long for a wedding by the sea or perhaps Haleakala at sunrise, I am happy to come along for the journey. As a destination wedding photographer, I have traveled to the Italian Alps, the Baja coast, the shores of Hawaii, Pacific Northwest rainforests and much more. Give me a call and let’s discover a destination wedding spot that truly speaks to your souls.