Let me help making your elopement easy, fun and unforgettable!

Want to chase the northern lights near the arctic circle or exchange your vows on a glacier? How about taking a boat and a helicopter in the same day to your locations? Live your wildest dream for your elopement and throw a party later sharing your unforgettable experiences while your friends and family listen and look at your photos with their minds blown. You deserve this and can make it happen.

Throughout the last 25 years, I have developed an intimate knowledge of the Western United States landscape, and feel grateful that couples feel compelled to exchange their vows in these magical, inspiring places and they bring me along for the ride. Being able to share these wild spaces with my clients has been such a fulfilling experience. I never intended to monetize my passion to explore nature, it has turned out to be valuable for couples that long to be married in these enchanting locations that I have come understand intimately. I have photographed hundreds of golf course, hotel and yacht club weddings, but I have simply found that nature is the best place to put my skill set to use.

Some of my favorite Colorado elopement spots are in the San Juan Mountains near Telluride, which offer such a unique mix of southwestern color with a jagged awe. Throughout the last 10 years, I have spent extensive time in the San Juan Mountains and continue to find inspiration among these peaks.

Growing up in the Sierra Mountains, I find that these vistas truly comfort my soul beyond words. Perhaps John Muir said it best, “going to the mountains is going home.” Yosemite, particularly, is a spot that makes me feel a deep belonging. Telluride and Yosemite, are where I guide many of my couples and help them craft their elopements.

Telluride Elopements

Being a Telluride elopement photographer is all about crafting and collaborating on an unforgettable adventure with my clients. I take them to iconic vistas that showcase the majestic nature of this area. Sometimes my clients have specific locations in mind, and sometimes they rely on my intimate knowledge of the Telluride area.

There are many ways to access the Telluride elopement landscape – 4x4, gondola, hiking, snowshoes, snowmobiles or skis. For some photography sessions, we stay on paved roads, while for other portraits sessions, the wedding dress is packed into a backpack until we reach the peak of a mountain. I find the experience of being a Telluride elopement photographer so live-giving and a dream come true.

Yosemite Elopements

To be honest, to be a Yosemite elopement photography requires a lifetime of knowledge about this amazing national park. Yosemite literally receives millions of visitors each year and to gracefully navigate this traffic can be an art unto itself. I have little nooks and vistas that I take my clients to that I have spent a lifetime discovering. Sure, I know how to ask a crowd to politely move aside, but I choose to avoid the crowd all together on these Yosemite adventures.

I know my clients find that being able to trust me to help plan, schedule and scout locations for their wedding day is an important reason they value my services. I enjoy unlocking these grand alpine adventures and taking couples to spaces they likely would never find on their own.

Other Possibilities . . .

While I spend much of my time working as a Telluride elopement photographer or as a Yosemite elopement photographer, I’m up for just about any adventure. We can head to the Pacific Northwest and snap photos in an untamed Oregon rainforest or perhaps along the beaches of La Push in the Olympic National Park.

Whether your dream is an elopement with a romantic Hawaiian vista in the background or you long for the allure of the Italian Alps, I’m up for just about any adventure. Whether you love Mammoth, Tahoe, Aspen, Fiji, Baja or somewhere else, let’s talk about the possibilities. I love a good story, let me tell yours . . .