"You don’t take a photograph, you make it "
Ansel Adams.

Authentic, dynamic, epic, powerful, unique and expressive imagery

I dig how shadows, highlights and mid tones play in a frame and I like to give them all space to breathe in my photos. Let’s keep the sky and clouds! The world doesn’t look light and airy, neither do the photos I create.

I do have a long history with film photography that influences my digital editing process. I use some of my favorite film profiles to edit your images. However, I don’t shoot old outdated film cameras on your wedding day just because its trendy.

I anticipate what lens I will need next and know when to change it. I don’t wear hipster double straps when I shoot your wedding. I don’t wear scarfs but I do wear hiking boots.

Striking a balance between landscape and portrait photography is my art. I love the many moods of the sky and the ways which light bends around mountains, through clouds and how it affects the way we perceive everything.

A good question to ask yourself is; “Will my wedding images still be viewed as authentic and timeless when the latest editing trends have passed?”