Corie and Daniel where so kind, patient and relaxed on their Yosemite Wedding. I was so glad that my friends introduced them to me and that I was hired to photograph their wedding at Glacier Point, in Yosemite National Park. I called Cori two days before their wedding while they where camping and asked if they wanted to join me white water rafting at Cherry Creek on the upper Tuolome river near Yosemite. They wanted to go but couldn’t. Instead she sent her brother and we hit it off instantly. Doing extreme sports with the family before a wedding helps get us well aquaitned.

The morning of the wedding we did a hike together, I brought a pop up changing tent, Cori carried her dress, and we did a first look in a quite area with amazing vistas on the rim of the park walls. After photographing a sunset ceremony at Glacier Point it was a real cool encounter listening to their friends praise and toast these two for the character and love they have for each other and the world they create. The photos turned out great, we all cherished amazing adventures and two wonderful people got married in Yosemite.

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